Typical projects

Although we undertake a wide range of projects for our clients there is a common strand to all our work.

The fact is that everything we do uses our deep and broad expertise in direct and digital marketing to help clients unleash value from their customers.  We work with clients that know that they can improve customer engagement and through that increase revenues.

Our work impacts every step of the customer lifecycle; using hard earned experience and proven success to guide our approach:

CRM development and implementation:  Managing and guiding the implementation and activation of CRM.  From identifying ad specifying user requirements and adoption tactics to overseeing the selection of technology vendors and implementation partners.

Welcome and on boarding:  Creating early engagement programmes that use the honeymoon period you have with new customers to understand their future potential and deliver communications that connect with their likely future preferences and  purchase propensities

Active customer programmes:  Orientating investment to build segmented programmes that most efficiently generate incremental spend

Reactivation:  Using customer data and insight to create reactivation programmes that re-connect lapsed customers with products and services most likely to re-engage them

Advocacy:  Introducing communications that maximise advocacy and referral at the best time in the sales cycle

In addition, we define and build metrics and measurement frameworks that connect business and marketing objectives with KPIs that drive departmental and campaign performance.  We do this by creating integrated performance models that span customer engagement, satisfaction and transactional measures.

The core expertise that makes a tangible difference for clients is our ability to connect technology, data analytics and insight and proven campaign strategies; and then create an effective way to activate the plans.  We bring together technical understanding, analytics and planning; and then we make sure it happens.

Typical projects include:

  • Specifying technology requirements and managing vendor selection
  • Building customer acquisition, retention and engagement strategies and programmes
  • Defining performance metrics, measurement and reporting criteria
  • Specifying and implementing customer segmentation,  propensity and sales forecasting models
  • Defining sales propositions and content plans
  • Building ‘social advocacy’ programmes
  • Creating and managing customer satisfaction measurement
  • Running team development programmes

If you think I might be able to help you make the impact you are looking for, or if you just want a chat about CRM, direct and digital communications give me a call on 07979 531038 for an initial discussion or email me at matthew@matthewecclesassociates.com