Is this you?

Our clients are all different but always have a few common issues. If some of the scenarios below sound familiar, we really should talk.

Does this sound familiar?

Your direct channels and communications with your customers aren’t delivering the value they should.   You can see it.  You can see it in the lack of personalisation on your web site; in the reliance on generic ‘one size fits all’  email programmes; in the disconnect between your social media and other direct communications; and in your lack of marketing reaction when customers show they are interested in what you have to offer them.  Direct, whether offline or online, has more value to give.

How about this? 

You know that your customers are getting more personal messages from your competitors.  You sense that they are increasingly capturing the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers by saying more relevent things through more channels; and saying it when it matters.  Right message, right time, right media. 

And does this ring true?

You know all this it but don’t have either the resources  or expertise (or both) to take those relationships to the next level and to unleash the true potential of CRM and direct communications.  And you know that if you don’t your competitors are going to make real inroads into your cutomer base; into their loyalty, their advocacy and their value.  You know that you need to act.

If the answer to any of these is yes then we should talk…….

At Matthew Eccles Associates we have the experience and expertise you need to build closer, more valuable relationships with your customers.  The sort of relationships that will deliver more sales value, more loyalty and more advocacy and will leave your competitors knowing that you are the organisation that their customers really want to buy from.