An introduction

We work with clients to address this question:  “How will we create the most effective customer experience for each stage of the customer journey?”  By ‘most effective’ I mean the one that best encourages them to stay with us on the journey. To engage with us more; to buy from us more; to advocate us more.

The answer to the question is found by bringing to bear these strategic assets:

  • A great brand promise
  • Understanding of the market dynamics and customer motivations
  • Understanding of the key stages and timelines on the customer journey
  • Understanding of the audience’s appetite for engagement during the stage in the journey they are on:  What media, style, frequency, content and authorship will engage them?
  • Understanding of the other choices they have:  What alternatives are competitors providing?

Our familiarity with sales and marketing technologies, insight generation and contact strategies enables us to create engagement approaches that increase preference and drive upset, cross sell and loyalty.

Using expertise gained over 20 years we address the question and then build the delivery programme.

In fact, using my experience, enthusiasm and expertise to help brands build more effective consumer relationships is what gets me out of bed.  Managing customer relationships has never been more exciting as digital and social marketing continue to unlock more and more opportunities for clients to engage with prospects and customers. And thanks to new technologies applying proven techniques and best practice is more affordable and practicable than ever.

Together with my associate team, I work with clients on a project or interim basis to take them to the next level of performance and effectiveness.  My approach is anchored in three principles:

  • Focus on the achievable not the theoretically possible
  • Prioritise effort to deliver big returns quickly
  • Create action plans not just strategies

What’s rare about my expertise and experience is that it spans strategy planning and delivery, data analysis and marketing technology solutions.  It’s that combination that enables me to deliver programmes for my clients that are not just powerful and effective on paper – but can actually be delivered in practice.  When needed, I’m supported in delivering projects by a network of highly specialist associates.  These are expert consultants and project managers that I’ve personally selected for their high levels of skill, integrity and customer focus.

We provide our clients with three steps to better, more effective direct communications:

  • Identifying what you can change to make a big impact
  • Building a prioritised action plan
  • Providing the ‘leadership and legs’ you need to make it happen

Our experience spans most catagories and I have particular experience in branded goods, online gaming, e-commerce, financial services, membership services and business to business marketing.

If you think we might be able to help you make the impact you are looking for by unleashing more customer value, or if you just want a chat about CRM, direct and digital communications give me a call on 07979 531038 or email me at